Någon skickade mig de här frågorna häromdagen och jag blev så provocerad över hur ytliga de är samtidigt som de ska verka djupa och kunna skapa någon sorts nära connection. Och sen blev jag irriterad över att vara irriterad och bestämde mig för att göra 36 egna frågor istället, som går lite mer på djupet. Och här kommer min version som jag faktiskt blev ganska nöjd med.

Set 1

  1. What brings you the most joy?
  2. Who would you kill if you could get away with it?
  3. What is your spirit animal?
  4. What TV-shows, if any, are you most embarrassed over watching?
  5. What is your guilty pleasure?
  6. How do you feel about monogamy?
  7. Introvert, extrovert or ambivert?
  8. Nature or nurture?
  9. What is the most stupid thing you have done in your life?
  10. Is humanity inherently evil, inherently good or something in between?
  11. What is your best personality trait?
  12. What is one, or more, of your dealbreakers?

Set  2

  1. Have you ever wanted to die?
  2. Have you ever been truly happy?
  3. What could you never compromise about?
  4. In what way do you judge yourself?
  5. In what way do you judge others?
  6. Giving space or holding space?
  7. Do you experience regret? If so, about what?
  8. Would you like to change anything about yourself?
  9. What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?
  10. Have you ever had thoughts about changing your gender?
  11. What has been the biggest change you ever made that made you the most proud of yourself?
  12. Do you think the universe is infinite?

Set 3

  1. What is your greatest irrational fear?
  2. What is your greatest rational fear?
  3. When you feel sad, what do you need?
  4. When you feel angry, what do you need?
  5. What does it take for you to be able to be completely vulnerable with someone?
  6. What do you think happens after death, if anything?
  7. Try to explain, in detail, how anxiety feels in your body.
  8. What would you like to leave behind after you die?
  9. What is the most important component of a deep human connection?
  10. When have you caused the most harm to yourself?
  11. Presented with the opportunity to be immortal would you take it?
  12. Did you answer all the questions truthfully?